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Hello, I will be going to a cardiopulmonary doctor due to panic attacks which lead to not being able to take a deep breath, but my chiropractor feels it is more than just & ribs out and anxiety. I am fine now with no stress, but I have always forgotten to breathe which does not help my situation, and I’ve noticed now that when I talk I have some difficulty breathing. Will they be doing a test for smoking? I am afraid to tell them for several reasons, but one is my insurance will be cancelled. Thank you for your time.

I found out when applying an application at the Hospital for a job in their application says I have to take a nicotine pee test which I had to sign my name and all to agree to such test and I am a smoker which if your a smoker they will not hire you if they find out you have nicotine in your pee. They say in the application WE are a drug and smoking free hops. To me it’s discriminating against the smokers which I am trying to quit.. but it sure isn’t easy when you don’t have the money to buy things to stop the cravings and gaining weight.


My dad has smoked most of his life. He can smoke more than a pack a day. He is needing back surgery and the Doctors say that he needs to quit. They told him this a few weeks back and now they are going to set a date for the surgery, but they are going to take blood first for nicotine levels. He is a bit worried how long does he need to stop smoking so his blood work come out clean??? I myself have smoked for 9 yrs this month I am ready to quit. I have been having heart problems. I am quitting cold turkey (nothing else works), so what is it that I can do to help the snippiness that comes along with it? What can I do to keep busy and stress free so I don’t go light one up?? This is hard for me. I have woke up everyday for about a month and said this is the day.. and then something crazy happens and I go run to have a smoke.


I have a drug test for nicotine on Monday and i smoked about 15 days ago.. only two cigs in the past 6 months i have probably smoked a few cigs a week if that i weigh 180 and i eat healthy and walk everyday what else can i do and do you think i have to worry for a urine or a blood test, thank you for your time.

I’ve been smoking for a long long time. A pack a day easy. I started using Chantix two weeks ago. Still at about a little over half a pack. I was told today that they will be doing a nicotine test before hiring me at this new company. Is 2 weeks of NOT smoking enough to pass this test? (I’m sure its not a hair sample) probably a urine or mouth swab.

I am not a smoker but I smoked 2 cigarettes with a friend in October and two cigarettes with that same friend 5 days ago (bad influence I know!). I didn’t realize that I would be tested at my new job. They will test me tomorrow morning. Not sure if they will use hair or urine testing. What are the chances that nicotine will be detected? They want to be a smoke free employer. If they do detect small amounts, how should I handle it?

I have been smoker off and on for ten years. I’ve been quitting for the last three years. trying everything, patches, gum, cold turkey, lowering the amount. i haven’t been a regular smoker for about five months. I no longer smoke more then 4 a day if i do smoke.

my question to you is with a person who weights 150 and doesn’t smoke regularly and quits cold turkey and drinks plenty of water how long exactly will nicotine be in my system. i hear your brain is clear of it with in the first 40 minutes of quitting. please help giving me idea’s, tips and anything that will encourage me to quit i need to and want to thank you very much

On the list of key perils connected with tobacco is due to Nicotine. Nicotine is actually found effortlessly within tobacco. It’s absolutely no aroma no color. It really is, nonetheless, each bodily in addition to psychologically addictive, also it will cause those who utilize it to would like to smoke a pipe one particular butt once another.

I use an E-Cig and vape. I wanted to know would that show up on a drug test? I am trying to get life insurance but they are requiring me to be nicotine free. I just don’t know how much is in these or how they will show up.

My husband hasn’t smoked in 3 months, he’s trying to get an operation done at a VA center. He’s been tested 3 times for nicotine and the blood work says he’s been smoking and he hasn’t. I’ve cleaned and washed the inside of his truck, all clothing, and no one smokes around him within 20 feet outside. One Va closest to us say his blood is clean, Boston Va sats he has been smoking, what is going on?

I am applying for life insurance and it is required of me to take an oral fluid swab of my saliva for testing. The last cigarette I had was on Dec. 30, 2011. I had about probably a total of 2 whole cigarettes. I haven’t smoked since then. I am not a regular smoker, only when I go out. I rarely go out. I have gone out a total of 3 times last year. I have about a total of 2 cigarettes each time I went out. Will it show up on the oral swab for the saliva testing?

Well I have been chewing tobacco for a couple of years now I go through a can in about two days and my mom is starting to notice and she is the type to do a drug test on me and I wanted to know how long will it take to detox and what can I do to help detox my system

Go and buy a urine test at wall greens lol. If you are that worried about being dirty. You can check yourself. Also everyone is saying i got a urine test in a couple days am i gonna be clean? Obviously not. if you read the sane thing i did it takes around 2 weeks or more. And the people who say i use the patches am i clean? Really??? Lol. What kind of patches are you using Sherlock? Nicotine patches got nicotine.

I’ve smoked for over 20 years. Stopping for pregnancies and pneumonia etc. But since others around me have no desire to stop, I’m always surrounded by it. At my peak, I smoked 3 pks a day. About a month a go, I went over 5 days without smoking. But now I’m smoking about 5-10 cigs a day and have to get a blood nicotine test. What should I do? I can’t do nicotine replacement therapies. And quitting cold turkey concerns me, as I have 4 boys that often stress me. Any help will be welcomed!!

I can feel your pain I as well have 3 boys and very well know the stress that they cause. AHHHH!!! lol and I also have a husband that has NO regard about me having to pass a cotinine test for spinal fusion surgery as he smokes right in front of me. Ok this is what I’m doing.

I ask my Doctor for a detox kit.. and I also bought some cranberry juice ( the pure kind ) bottle spring water ( Lots of them ) down all that for 5 days and try to walk or at least sweat however you want.. just sweating will help you clean your system out so will peeing a lot and I think defecating will too ( fyi, That’s ) even though nobody told me that. Ok, I also bought me a green smoke E cig and carternizers without nicotine.. they aren’t as good a the one’s with nicotine but at least they are a smoke or a vap or whatever..haha
You can get the 0% nicotine cartomizers in all flavors at the same name that’s on the greensmoke, just add a .com:)
Now I haven’t quit. I almost did but with the Ol man smoking right in front of I failed and was weak.. ugh!! But I am going to try try try again. My neuroscience specialist will drop care on me if I fail twice.. I haven’t took a test yet and buying my at home test a Walgreen to test myself before I go to the hospital for that stupid urine test. I know that smoking is bad for your health but I have an issue with this.. I mean if I wanted to quit it would be one thing but to be made to quit kinda gets my go hate. I’ll do it and get it over with, who knows, maybe it’s what I need to completely stop. Wouldn’t that be wonderful.. never to want to smoke even with people smoking around us. :)
Well I don’t know if you will see this and to anybody else who is reading this I hope this helps ya <3 and if anyone passed this test maybe you can tell me ( US ) how it went and how many days it took and so forth, thanks
Good luck to all 😮 )

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