Why is My Poop Green

Our poop, ranging from soft processed to hard granules, is taken out by us in a variety of colors, textures, and sizes. This variety of colors gives us information about our intestinal health and sometimes about what we ate yesterday or the day before. So, why is our poop green? There are two causes, your diet and fast evacuation. During you go on a diet, you always eat green foods or jelly. The green foods will make your feces becomes a mossy green, whereas the jelly will makes your feces become vivid green. If you feel something wrong about your green feces, you can see your doctor and he will tell you the cause is your diet.

Naturally, your feces are green in your body. Through the entire body processes, your poop turns into a dark brown color. Fast evacuation of foods in your body can make your feces don’t have a time to change becomes the common brown color. So, your poop will comes in a green colors. Using laxatives, diarrhea, and food poisoning are some reasons of fast evacuation. Actually you shouldn’t be any causes for worry, but you must see a doctor if you have green feces continually and also diarrhea, because there are something wrong in your body.