Urinalysis – Urine Drug Test

Urine drug test, also called urinalysis, is a drug test which demands that the person who is tested should provide urine specimen. For making analysis on the urine, the specimen is compared with test card, or is sent to the laboratory to be exposed to GCMS (gas chromatography/mass spectrometry), immunoassay analysis or high performance liquid chromatography. Most of the urine tests processed in pre-employment and even probate cases belong to fast-undergone and less exact “at home” number.

The efficiency of urine drug testing is under question as the cases of its adulteration are systematic. There are a great number of reports about specimen adulteration and substitution, which happen often, and these ways are effective to make the results negative. There exist a great number of online marketers for synthetic urine, as Quick Fix Synthetic urine. To store the specimen at a temperature equal to human’s body temperature level, heat pads are applied. This way, however, is not the only one to pass urine drug test. Many manufacturers produce the so-called “masking” agents, but commonly they are only diuretics and seldom efficient than caffeine. However, the reliable products like ZYDOT Ultimate blend belong to a class of really effective. Some individuals consume great amounts of water for diluting the drug toxins in the urine as the labs consequently won’t detect the presence of harmful substances in it. Commonly as a result such specimens are not accepted as being diluted ones, despite of the fact the vitamin B will provide the yellow color of the urine even if it has been diluted by water. Specific gravity tests can be applied to determine whether the specimen is diluted or not, but it’s rather used on somewhat inconspicuous specimens. Niacin is commonly applied for its allegedly “flushing” result, though its efficiency is as well under the question. Some kinds of urinalysis may reveal the usage of “detox” products, though such tests are rare to use, in case if the specimen is under cloud. Additionally, the wide possibility to purchase home drug test kits provide a user with an opportunity to test himself before overcoming an official test, as a result he can choose whether to substitute or adulterate the specimen.