Is Weight-Loss Surgery Right for You?

It scares me that more and more people are leaning towards surgery to loose weight. A year and a half ago my starting weight was 295 pounds, I was being wheeled into surgery to have back surgery and my world changed. I was on high doeses of predisone for many yrs and ballooned up along with giving up on myself and life. Something inside me lit up that day and I’ve been on a mission ever since. It is possible to loose weight on your own and keep it off. It’s a lifestyle change and you have to move…move…move!!! I’m now down to 189.0 with 24 more pounds for my ideal body weight. You can’t let obstacles get in your way and stop you from becoming healthy!! It’s not an option, it’s your life!!!! You deserve to be happy and healthy and you do have what it takes to make the changes within you!!

I know people that have had boths surgeries. The ones that had the bypass had so many problems, every one of them, and almost died and only 2 lost weight. The others did the counseling, totally changed their diet and lifestyle but did not lose the weight they wanted or needed to. But at least they haven’t given up and are still working on it.

The ones that have had the banding done haven’t had the greatest of luck either. One friend has lost weight but only because she can’t keep food down now. She vomits almost everything, but she is stupid and won’t tell her doctor because she’s finally thinner.

I just don’t think those surgeries work. I haven’t met anyone that has done either one and been a true success. I don’t even see where it would be a good way to just start losing weight either.

Good old fashioned eating healthy and moving your butt is still the way to go.

I had weight loss surgery (gastric bypass) at 35 (5 years ago) and it was the best decision I ever made. It was the helping hand I needed to make permanent life changes. All my health conditions are resolved severe GERD, Sleep Apnea, High Blood pressure and a host of other weight related issues. I’m off the 8 prescription medications I was on prior to surgery. My before and current pic and story: Having surgery was just one battle in a lifetime war versus obesity, every day I wake up and fight with healthy eating choices, moving my body and working on the head. Best wishes to all my fellow fighters with whatever weapons they choose to fight with!