Drinking the water for health

The body of the human is composed of water to nearly 75% of weight. We may starve for a month but the body can not be without water for more than 3-7 days. Drinking water will help to circulate fresh blood in the usual working of the heart and effective strength go up. At the same time water helps to transfer waste matter well. It ins important to help give the face a healthy complexion a backache or waist because kidney gives strong health.

The principle to drink water for health is simple as thinking. A simple thing in to do every day life in to drink water normal temperature. Usually water is not hot or very cold. Warm water is good for drinking frequently to help wash the intestines clean and help drive the waste matter.

Every day, we should drink about 10 glasses to water by waking up in the morning, drink 1 glass late in the morning, drink again a glasses in the afternoon and in the evening drink 3 glasses and before you go to bed, drink water again a in glass. Drink water to circulate and wash down food in the intestines and the stomach. Drinking warm water frequently helps sleep. Besides fresh water, you can drink fruit juice or other beverage without any.

Should remember not to drink water before meals because it will make gastric juice in diluted stomach. D Digesting does not have the efficiency. Besides, each time should not have a meal to be full just enough. Eat the fresh fruits gargle one’s throat. Before meals sip the water, follows a little comfortable measure to the stomach. Part – eating drink the water all the time habitually should quit.


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