Bulletin: Alcohol Not Just Fun; Might Also Help Keep You Smart

We’ve long been told by medical researchers that a glass of wine with dinner or a scotch while cozying up with a good book – in other words, drinking in moderation – can have positive health benefits, such as lowering the risk of heart disease.

But a new University of Glasgow study of almost 6,000 people ages 70-82 in Scotland, Ireland, and the Netherlands suggests that there are cognitive benefits that disproportionately favor older women over men. The benefits associated with alcohol consumption for this group include information processing speed and verbal memory, and female drinkers demonstrated superior cognitive performance over non-drinkers. There were no significant effects for men.

“Moderate consumption” includes 10 units of alcohol or less a week, with a single unit being the equivalent of a small glass of wine. While crossword puzzles and learning a new language are notorious for keeping you sharp as you age, looks like a little lubrication can only help.

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