Green Feces in Adults – Should You be Concerned

Green feces in adults is a lot more common than you think. Sure, no one wants to really talk about it and it is not something that you want to bring up in conversation with your friends or neighbors but there is a very good chance that they are experiencing it as well.

You may be surprised to learn what green poop means, it can be the result of quite a few different elements and conditions. While there is typically very little cause for concern, if it becomes chronic you should consult your medical care provider. You will find though that most causes are not dangerous and can easily be addressed by restoring good bacteria in your body by using some certain product.

The Scoop About Bile

If you are concerned about what green stools in adults mean, you should take a moment to become educated about bile. It may not be the most pleasant word to discuss but it plays a key role in your body’s digestive tract.

Bile is actually a hormone that is produced by your liver to complete the very important job of digesting fats. Bile is made up of pigments, lecithin, cholesterol and salts. It has a yellowish-green hue and is stored in your gallbladder until needed.

If green feces is concern of yours, there is a good chance that the bile was not given enough time to do its job during the digestive process. This is often due to laxatives, stress or illness. The faster food is pushed through your system, the greener it will ultimately be.


You have probably been told plenty of times that stress is bad for your body but you may not realize just how bad it really is. Stress has a direct effect on your digestive system; it often speeds it up and causes premature bowel movements. This is seen in both children and adults. Common examples would be the first day of school or a new job.

Managing your stress can improve your health long-term. Daily walks, yoga, meditation, etc., are all great stress relievers. However, until these elements are incorporated into your lifestyle a product like Bowtrol can offer comfort.

Evaluating Your Diet

Green poop is often directly resulted by diet, primarily drastic changes. Therefore, it does not matter if you have recently gone on a health kick or if it’s the holidays and you’re indulging a little more than normal, you still can be affected.

Common foods that can cause green stools in adults include lettuce, spinach, peas, green peppers, broccoli, red meat, beans, cereal, ice-cream and sweets, especially those that contain artificial coloring.

You may also want to look at your iron intake. If your body is getting far too much iron, it is hard for the bile in your system to break it down. This is also why people who start taking iron supplements are often faced with green poop. Whatever the cause is, Bowtrol can help.