Holistic Recipe of the Week: Homemade Sports Drink

Holistic Hydration

Research in the past few decades on hydration has lead to the discovery that the inclusion of electrolytes in water hydrates better than water alone. This, of course, lead to a number of products appearing on the market claiming to hydrate better than water due to the inclusion of electrolytes. What they don’t tell you is that you’re also getting a good dose of chemicals in the form of artificial colours and flavourings to boot.

As an alternative to these questionable products, here’s a really simple and inexpensive way to make your own sports drink. With this recipe you know exactly what you’re getting and don’t need to worry about a lot of crappy chemicals messing up your performance, or your health. And by using unrefined sea salt as the source for electrolytes you’re getting a complete mineral profile in your drink instead of just sodium and potassium included in most commercial sports drinks.

Recipe for Homemade Sports Drink after the jump.

1 navel orange (you could use a different type of orange but I find navels the juiciest)
Approximately 800mL filtered water
A healthy pinch of Unrefined Sea Salt (do not use table salt!)
A few drops of liquid stevia for sweetness (optional)

Juice the orange with a citrus press (or by hand if you don’t have one) and strain juice into a one litre container. Fill the rest of the container with filtered water. Add sea salt and stevia (optional). Mix well and enjoy.

Fresh juice is always best within a few hours of squeezing it, so make sure you drink this the same day you make it (or make it before bed to use first thing in the morning).

This isn’t a super-precise recipe; you can change it up by diluting it further or by adding more juice or salt. High-performance athletes may want to add sugar if they know their required carbohydrate intake during work outs and know that it won’t be met by the juice alone (this is the only situation in which I will ever give sugar the OK).

Remember, though, that this isn’t supposed to be a sweet enjoyable beverage (although you may enjoy it), it is supposed to be a barely flavored sports drink. The key here is how well it hydrates you, not how good it tastes.

A great alternative to all these chemically laden sports drinks we are pumping into our young children after their sports games. I have always wondered about what exactly they may be doing to their young bodies. Thank you for this information.

As a performance oriented runner I,m always looking for a personal “pick me up” drink after and before a hard workout———— I’ve found a “dash” of organic lemon juice in approx one liter of filtered water,hits the spot for me!—————- I vary the amount of lemon according to how much mucus [sorry!] I think I’ll produce in my mouth according to weather etc conditions the lemon causes my mouth to feel fresh,but now I might try a pinch of sea salt as well.